“Fear Of The Fallen” Helloween’s new song


Helloween have released another song from their highly anticipated album, titled Their Name, which will be released on June 18 by Nuclear Blast.

The sonq in question is “Fear Of The Fallen”, the video for which you can watch below.

“I had so much fun not only writing a song for my voice but also for one of the greatest singers out there. I always have an extremely broad smile on my face when I hear Michi singing my melodies,” says Deris.

Kiske adds: “The whole process, including the spirit, was just ideal. If I had the feeling that one of the parts would not be really fitting, I asked Andi if he would sing it and vice versa. There was no competition whatsoever — what counted was what is best for the respective song. I am thankful to be (again) a part of this crazy family. I love them all.”