This is one huge band which does not get the attention they deserve. This is one band fully entitled to bare the tag and hold the Gothic Rock flag high. Fields Of The Nephilim are back with a live-recorded album, at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire, during July 12 and 13, 2008.

This double c.d. is an ideal historic summary of the band’s course, fully covering their entire discography. Songs like “Moonchild”, “Psychonaut”, “Trees Come Down” and more, comprise an exceptional release as well as a major part of their most recent studio album, “Mourning Sun”; it’s been several years since its release (2005).

“Ceremonies” album comes along with a DVD, which contains selected material off these two live shows; half the acoustic material duration. By seeing that performance, one has the opportunity to observe the band’s good shape, musically and visually, with Carl McCoy owning the audience, every second of the show.

“Ceremonies” is featuring many interesting versions, even a most refine vinyl one. I’m recommending though the double cd with the extra DVD. It’s the best sample of a Gothic live!