FireForce – March On

The Belgians describe their band as a phoenix rising from the ashes of another band called Double Diamond. They release a self financed EP in 2009, “Moonlight Lady”, and they enter the war zone. Members come and go and the debut is being prepared. Now their debut is out and their musical proposal is all about pure 80’s Metal, “Old school Metal”, METAL to the core, featuring gigantic riffing and thunderous guitars. The band members refer to Metal groups the likes of Helloween and Running Wild and we have no problem agreeing with them, following their lead (Moonlight Lady).
Production belongs to R.D. Liapakis (vocals in Mystic Prophecy and a whole bunch of producing in Metal) and his team and I’m sure you just found out the reason guitars sound so explosive.

“Fly arrow fly” just walked and I dare saying the motif made me travel to hymns the likes of “Fly high”! If I were to chose the songs which made the difference…. I wouldn’t! Why leaving one or more out of the pedestal? Sure, I really liked “The only way”, “1302-Battle for freedom”, “Mona Lisa”, but that doesn’t mean the others were less interesting. This whole bouquet is rather attractive and I would like to invite you to listen. FINE Metal suits us, always!