Here are two exceprts of Perry Richardson’s recent radio interview. The former Firehouse bassist reveals two hilarious stories about Ted Nugent and how he put a gun out on him and about the name that Epic Records were about to give to them:
While discussing a tour promoting the FireHouse sophomore album Hold Your Fire in support of Damn Yankees and Poison, Richardson recalls a tense run-in with then-Damn Yankees guitarist Ted Nugent: “The Damn Yankees guys were amazing; all except Ted Nugent. God almighty dude, what a freakin’ narcissist jackass. I’m walking on the stage one night and he’s standing on the side of the stage right outside his dressing room; and I’m always screwing around with people so I just hit him on the shoulder real lightly, right? He got all mad, grabbed me, put me in a headlock and pulled a 9mm out of his pants and cocked it and put it to my temple and told me never to touch him again. I have nothing good to say about him.”

“We were at the end of our rope. We had gone through a thousand names and nobody could agree on one. Our A&R guy called us and said ‘You guys have gotta be in our offices tomorrow and you’ve got to have a name. Tomorrow’s the deadline. Epic is going to name your band for you tomorrow.’ Do you know what they wanted to name us? Daddy’s Girl. They were going to have pacifiers made to throw out into the crowd.”