Firewind – Apotheosis Live 2012

“Apotheosis” was the title that came out of the feeling the band received during the last tour with Apollo Papathanasio on vocals. This is a live album that marks the end of a very successful run for the band, the end of an era, and the beginning on a new one.

On their double shows in Thessaloniki and Athens we’ve listened to a lot of stuff spanning from Firewind’s entire career, something that unfortunately doesn’t happen on this CD. On the other hand, if this album was a double CD, somebody else like me would have complained that it wasn’t a triple one and so on. But, honestly I could not understand why they preferred to include a cover (“Maniac” – a choice I never liked to tell you the truth), instead of an original song. Like for example “Breaking The Silence” with the amazing performance of Maxi Nil, or “Tyranny”. Or, if they didn’t want something that was also featured on “Live Premonition, “I Will Fight Alone”, “Steal Them Blind”. Perhaps, a very simple answer to all that could be because the recording wasn’t as good, or that the band didn’t like it. Still, I was expecting from this CD the same “one of a kind chance to listen to material that’s rare to listen to live” kind of thing.

Of course, apart from any complain a fan could have (you can never win these guys) this is a great live album filled with passion, energy, and vibe totally characteristic of the band’s live performances. They touch perfection on the entire “Apotheosis” and the chants “Firewind – Firewind” bring to mind the exceptional concerts, but leave you with a melancholic feeling about Appollo’s last shows. It’s not only that he’s been the voice of the band for the last four studio albums, and eight years, but a great singer that fitted to Gus G’s vehicle perfectly. I am sure that the band will not leave the matter of his permanent replacement to chance. Their choice will be wise, and not hasty because Firewind’s amazing ride so far is accompanied by equally high hopes and expectations.