Firewind – Immortals


Firewind return after 5 years of absence with a new singer and with glaring eyes. The band goes back to its traditional style and for the first time in its career has a concept. Henning Basse on his first album proves a good choice taming his raspy voice to Firewind’s melodic brigade.

Composing-wise you can find several highlights in “Immortals” with “Hands Of Time” and “Ode To Leonidas” standing out. With a second spin one will discover the killer triplet of “Live And Die By The Sword”, “Wars Of Ages”, “Lady Of 1000 Sorrows”. The first is a real 101 of how to write a song that climaxes from beginning to end, the description of how Leonidas’ 300 were attacked from everywhere is chilling and there’s a Greek melody somewhere in the middle that Gus and Bob send over the roof with their amazing playing. This song will certainly break hearts on tour! “War Of Ages” is not your typical melodic Firewind anthem and that’s why it stands out. It reminded me a bit of more modern stuff, as well as Symphony X with Bob Katsionis drawing the spotlight while Henning gives his best, just like on “Lady Of 1.000 Sorrows”, another amazing melody that’s added in Firewind’s arsenal.

I’d say that Gus G pretty wisely turned the ship to the familiar melodic style abandoning the unknown and unfriendly waters of the US-Prog on “Few Against Many”. The band established its sound and it has the obligation to serve it and of course develop it even further. I am sure that the new singer might hold the key for this. Just waiting to catch them live again…