Firewind released their third video off their recent “Firewind” album for the song “Breakaway”.

“I think it’s one of the album’s strongest cards. Overall, the album had a bit of a weird history because I wrote the music and some tracks ended up differently than the oroginal. We started working with Dennis Ward, as in “Immortals”… basically I write the music, I do the orchestration and Dennis writes the vocal lines and lyrics. Because Henning (Basse, the band’s former singer) doesn’t write… Obviously, when we started writing we were with the previous lineup. “Breakaway “is one of the songs Dennis has done with what we call dub-Lyrics, you know… choruses and melodies only and I would say “yes” or “no” to him and then we would actually finish up the lyrics on the spot. Along the way Dennis started working with Helloween on the album they are currently making, he is a co-producer, so he has moved to Hamburg this production actually took longer than they would have expected, leaving us a little behind, hahaha! There was a small conflict. So, at some point I decided to write lyrics to some of the songs. “Breakaway” was one of them. What Dennis and I did were “Breakaway,” “Perfect Stranger,” “Rising Fire” and “Welcome To The Empire.” I kept some of Dennis’ lyrics and ideas and wrote the rest myself.

To tell you the story of the song I must say that it was an older idea that I for an instrumental in my solo album, but I knew it sounded too much like Firewind. I thought that with nice vocals it would be a very strong track on one of our records. So, I finally made the decision to put vocal melodies and that’s what happened. Lyrically, he talks about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that soldiers suffer from. These were some of the lyrics written by Dennis and I picked them up and developed them for no particular reason. Oh, and it has a two-minute guitar solo in there… hahaha! ”