Firewind Devour

Firewind released a new video for their song “Devour”, from their recent studio album, “Firewind”, which was released last year via AFM Records.

I never had in mind to copy something, say to do this like another. I didn’t start with that intetnion, but I’ll say that the only similarity between this album and albums such as “Allegiance” and “Premonition”, is the variety on the tracklist, like those albums had back then. But, the sound is fresh, it doesn’t sound like 2005, it’s today. Of course there is the Firewind identity in there; I write the songs and of course Herbie’s voice sounds like Stephen’s, has some Dio elements thas also Apollo had… So, I’d say that it’s a mix and of course the band’s identity is always there but at the same time, it’s something fresh. The production plays a role. Because Tobias Lindell (Europe, Avatar, H.E.A.T.) made a great mix. It’s modern and doesn’t sound plastic like what you hear in metal productions nowadays. The mix is ​​very punchy, it’s huge. He is mixing loud it grabs you from the beggining. Which, to be honest I thought it was a risk, but I liked the sound he created and his whole approach so much, that I thought this could be our new style.

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