Nordor has their third studio album “Caedis” ready for release. The Greek Progressive Death Metal veterans recorded seven songs including a cover of “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff. All Music Arrangements Created By Nordor Except Of (Moon’s Fortune) By Carl Orff. All Lyrics Created By False Prophet And Airlia Except Of (Cipher) By Tasos Leivaditis. Guitars, Vocals And Bass Were Recorded And Engineered At The Growl Studios ( By Chris Nanos (Slaveatgod).  All Drums Composed And Recorded By Nick Vell (Lucifer’s Child, Chaostar), Except Of (Moon’s Fortune) By Chris Nanos. Drums Engineered, Album Mixing And Mastering By FOTIS BENARDO (SixForNine, ex-Septicflesh) At Devasoundz Studios (

“CAEDIS” Song List: Ater Ostium, Naphtha, Allegorian, Cipher, Integer, Rattlesnake Theory, Moon’s Fortune

Check out the lyric-video for “Rattlesnake Theory” below.