Five Album Of Dark Tranquillity You Should Listen To


Five? Only? Of the twelve they have released? Yes, they are not enough if you think that this huge band does not have bad moments at all in such a great history that started in 1991. But it is a representative sample for someone who does not know this band so much in order to understand their greatness. They will visit our country once again, so a revisit is required.

1995 – The Gallery (Osmose Productions)

In the interview I did with their singer, Mikael Stanne, he mentioned “The Gallery” as their most important album. It opened the way for them to tour and all that they have achieved so far. Their sound may not have evolved and it’s more aggressive but that does not change the fact that we are talking about a masterpiece, a classic melodic death metal album that influenced so many bands. And how can it not be when it has hymns like “Punish My Heaven” and “Lethe” in it?

1999 – Projector (Century Media)

The big change. The very important addition of Martin Brändström to the keyboards who evolved their sound so much. The signing of a contract with Century Media with which they continue to this day. Stanne’s clean vocals that made history and showed how good a singer he is at whatever he does. An album that divided so many people when it came out but in the long run it proved to be as important to both the band and the genre. It does not matter how much melody you use in your death metal when it is done as right and convincingly as the Gothenburg team did here.

2002 – Damage Done (Century Media)

To be honest, I was sure about the other four albums mentioned here. At first, I thought a lot which one would suit more but in the end the decision was easy. Not so much for the importance in their career but more for the amazing songs that in “Damage Done”. “Final Resistance”, “Monochromatic Stains”, “Single Part Of Two”, “The Treason Wall”, “White Noise/Black Silence” and I stop here because I will mention all of them. A wonderful album that stands at the very best of the band and is always represented in their live shows.

2007 – Fiction (Century Media)

Perhaps one of the three most important albums in their history along with “The Gallery” and “Projector”. Here, their inspiration is out of this world. Flawless and without the slightest weak moment from the beginning to the end. Two years after “Fiction”, the excellent live album “Where Death Is Most Alive” was released. Also, it contains perhaps their most famous song, the mighty “Misery’s Crown” which gave them their first millions of views on YouTube (yes, nowadays that also means something). Masterpiece.

2020 – Moment

Their latest release, which to tell the truth not so many thought that it would be that good. With the founding members, guitarists and lead composers Niklas Sundin and Martin Henriksson having recently left, the band found itself in a difficult time and yet managed to get such a good result. With a sound that looks a lot towards “Projector”, but without copying it, with wonderful melodies, with many clean vocals and of course with a wonderful guitar work by the newcomers Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda, Nonexist) and Christopher Amott (Black Earth, ex- Arch Enemy), “Moment” is another proof of how big a band the Swedes are.