This is the third album for the modern American heavy metal phenomenon that came from out of nowhere and gain it’s rightful position pretty fast. Combining catchy melodies, with riffs and a heavyweight rhythm section, and at some points brutal vocals they can be characterized as heavy metal’s… Nickelback!

The band sticks to its recipe for the third album, which is actually their best so far. By increasing clean vocals and limiting the brutal growls, and by still writing easy to grasp and addictive tunes Five Finger Death Punch leaves aside their fists  (“Way Of The Fist”, was the title of their debut) and war (“War Is The Answer”, was the title for the second one) and take on American capitalism… actually all those are connected to each other, aren’t they?  

Something that might feel strange for the hardcore fans of the band might be the ballad “Remember Everything”, but at the same time this is their guarantee for even more airplay on mainstream radio stations in the States. I wish this would work on Greek radio too, because the stations here seem to “loyal” to their rarely refreshed playlists.

Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook’s work on guitars is just amazing with both players giving their best to every song. Kevin Churko’s production, who also collaborated with the band on their previous album, makes “American Capitalist” sound bigger, and heavier. Don’t look for something original, or never played before, but enjoy an album that was made to be played loud.