All bands have their ups and downs, no matter what era they belong, and what music they play. From pop, disco, rap, hip-hop to hard rock and heavy metal that’s a rule with a few exceptions.

Five Finger Death Punch’s career started impressively with the band releasing strong albums back to back and getting bigger and better. They played all around the world to the biggest stages and gathered millions of fans around the world and had to pay the price that goes with all that. They got tired, there was tension between the members, addiction problems which led them to the edge of the cliff.

On their aptly titled “Afterlife” album the rejuvenated band with new guitarist, Andy James, who replaced Jason Hook wants to turn the page, leave the past behind and come back stronger than ever offering its legions of fans another good album. Although in the beginning you get the feeling that they made it, a bit later they run out of gas. So, I guess they didn’t… Without changing their recipe “Welcome To The Circus”, “Afterlife” and “Times Like These: hit bullseye, and they are amazing songs, but other than that there’s nothing as good as those here. Two ballads, which sound like mediocre Nickelback, soften things up and only with the last song of the album, “The End”, they manage to add some quality.

You don’t call an album with 4 good songs out of 12 great, maybe not even good. Still, this won’t affect their dynamic as a live band at all. Perhaps, “Afterlife” is a transition and they will pick up the ball and run with it again. Only time will tell…