You either love, or loathe them. There is no half measures for the furious American express that rocks the other side of the Atlantic, as well as Europe. Their American-ness (sic) is what their fans love, while at the same time is what makes haters go mad.

Their sixth album focuses once more to their basic principles adding another good album to their discogrpahy, which doesn’t have anything new to show, since it doesn’t fall far from their sound, style and mainstream approach of their five previous ones. You’ll find the up-tempo moments and the ballads always wrapped with Kevin Churko crystal clear monstrous production. “Jeckyl & Hyde” that was released first as a single is the album’s most groovie and addictive song, while could easily become a club standard, while “Question Everything” and “Digging My Own Grave” are another two Five Finger Death Punch bona fide classics with their slow start and building up gradually motif.

After their double album in 2013 it looks like the band has no will to experiment, or make radical changes and surprise the listener. Five Finger Death Punch follow their so far successful recipe doing what they know best. “Got Your Six” is not the album that will drive anybody crazy, but it won’t disappoint either. It will definitely add 2 or 3 new songs on their potential playlist in the future, but it won’t be remembered as their best. However, it’s very important nowadays for a band to maintain a high quality level on all your releases and never failing your fans, if that something extra special is not coming… yet!