Floating Worlds – Battleship Oceania


This is definitely a very pleasant surprise by the Floating Worlds camp. I have been monitoring the band’s career since the very early days and I knew –almost instinctively- that their new album would not disappoint at all. Quite the contrary, actually. What I didn’t expect, though, was how qualitative and well-crafted that would be! “Battleship Oceania” is a concept album with a really intriguing storyline that it’s really worthy of your time in order to fully appreciate the rich depth of the whole record. Trust me when I am saying, though, that there are a lot to be discovered by the sheer listening of the 12 songs that comprise the album.

From a musical standpoint, I’d say that this is a splendid mix of symphonic and progressive sound that leaves you under the impression that you are listening to Savatage (circa 1997) or Queensryche (circa 2003-2009). The band is putting on a flawless performance in the studio, Jon Soti’s voice is immaculate while the production really brings out and forward the high level of the compositions themselves. Especially, songs like “Eternal Sleep” and “The Curse” shine and put you right in the middle of the majestic atmosphere of the album.

All in all, I truly believe that it’s impossible to bypass or ignore “Battleship Oceania”. It is more than evident that the band worked tirelessly and they deserve our support. Congrats, guys!
Highlight: The impressive cover sleeve that depicts Battleship Oceania.