PRESS RELEASE: We gladly present you “The Curse”, through the second lyric video taken from our upcoming album “Battleship Oceania”, due for release on May 17th 2019 via Pride & Joy Music. “The Curse” is the fourth chapter of the story of a legendary battleship and its crew, who both turned into a floating ghost, after the assignment of a mission that proved to be fatal.

 “After the accomplishment of a controversial mission, the crew of “Oceania” realize what they have done but it’s too late. They murdered innocent people. People of their own country. How will they face their guilt? The Gods of Sea, who have witnessed this hideous crime in their kingdom, outraged, decide to send their messengers, in order to curse Battleship “Oceania” and its crew forever.”

 The video was produced by “Stereo 27 Productions”.

Watch the video below:

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