When a c.d. clocks in at almost 50 minutes of total duration, then it can hardly be considered an EP. Needless to say that we are more than happy that FM decided to include so many songs on this EP and give value to our money. This release included three new songs…actually two brand new ones and the first cut of Ozzy’s classic “Shot In The Dark” as it was performed by Steve Overland and his band back in the time, Wildlife. We also find 5 live tracks from the band’s concert in London a few months ago (Rockpages was there to cover the event and do an interview with the guys from FM) plus an extended mix of “Only Foolin’”.

The title track is astonishing! Up tempo, catchy and absolutely representative of FM’s unique style. The next song, “Rainbow’s End” does not reach the same quality level as “Only Foolin’” yet it is really good and it definitely won’t disappoint the true FM fan. In regards with the live cuts, I want to mention Overland’s brilliant performance on the masterpiece “Tough It Out” and the flawless rendition of Rod Stewart’s classic “Hot Legs”.
“Only Foolin’” is forwarded towards the avid AOR collector and the die hard FM fan that simply wants to have it all. Thos lucky ones who will purchase the EP, they will listen to it lots of times in the years to come.
Highlight: Isn’t FM, really, the best AOR band from the United Kingdom…?