FM – Heroes And Villains


Since their reformation in the late 00s, FM have been constantly delivering great releases; full length albums or EPs (longer than most bands’ albums). The band’s creativity has been impressive to say the least, not only quantity wise but most of all quality wise. All their recent releases range from superb to really impressive!

These impressive releases along with their terrific live performances, have made FM one of THE melodic hard rock bands to watch live. They have played almost every major European festival the last 5-6 years. And they recently moved to Frontiers, their debut release with them being Heroes And Villains.

Straight down the line then: Heroes And Villains is an amazing album full stop. FM confirm that they are on a huge roll here! The new album contains 10 melodic hard rock anthems (like Digging Up The Dirt and Big Brother and 8 more) and 2 great ballads (Incredible and Walking With Angels).

Production and mixing are spot on, the band is sounding rock solid and Steve Overland is just Steve Overland (need I say more?).

Heroes And Villains is a strong contender for album of the year. It’s that simple.

An essential purchase!