FM - Synchronized

It seems almost unbelievable but FM has come up with yet another masterpiece! Since the band’s resurrection back in 2010, the British outfit releases only brilliant albums –although we could have done without the re-recording of “Indiscreet”- and “Synchronized” proves once again that FM is not only one of the finest AOR bands out there but for this editor the best European AOR band…ever! So, let’s dive into the new FM record…

The opening, title track kicks off with a riff that almost reminds of “Girls Girls Girls” but that lasts only for a mere second or two until Jem Davis’ majestic keyboard sound creates an ideal mood and you know instantly that a) this is another FM classic track and b) we have entered the magical world of FM. The follow up songs, “Superstar” and “Best of Times” are absolutely amazing but the absolute highlight of the album is the catchy as hell “Broken”; a song that really takes you back to the glorious 80s days of the band. Unbelievable!

Speaking of unbelievable things, what’s eerie unchanged is Steve Overland’s voice. The frontman who has marked permanently a whole genre with his ever characteristic voice and amazing personality remains creative thus raising (again) the bar high for FM.

In a time and age where the new generation of bands are trying hard to distinguish with simply OK albums, FM shows the way and “Synchronized” is not only one of the best albums of 2020 but for me personally an album that is impossible not be embraced by all the AOR fans around the world.

Highlight: Can’t wait for the 2021 tour…fingers crossed.