Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

It is possible that this could be the best album for Foo Fighters in their fifteen years of existence. Having almost abandoned that anti-star sound they’ve become famous with, based on good compositions, “Wasting Light” is the ideal return of the band, four years later. Personally, I don’t mind waiting for four years when the “product” is something like “Wasting Light”. Along with the really nice songs of the album we also listen to an exceptional production (Butch Vig), which is giving us a different sound, different than the one we were used to, more proceeded, cleaner.  
Dave Grohl returns with songs with “personality”, like “Rope”, “These Days”, “Arlandria”, “I Should Have Known”, songs that keep the band to a high level; logic dictates that there’s downfall after the top, however, such a thing does not seem to affect Foo Fighters.
The most noticeable element about Foo Fighters is their willing for different musical ways and adjustment to demands of music today. I believe that “Wasting Light” features all the right reasons to maintain a high level through the years and that time will justify the band.