For All We Know – For All We Know

Rudolf Adrianus Jolie is an artist that never rests! The world knows him as Ruud Jolie, the guitarist for Within Temptation. Most of you might remember he’s also played with Anneke and Agua De Annique, Maiden uniteD – we presented their album recently – the Damian Wilson Band… Being very active and very busy, Ruud, who’s always composing, had finished up twelve songs and he was on the move to release them… He did, with a lil’ help from some friends and incredible musicians at the same time; he also produced the album and managed to impress us once more…
The album is mostly lyrical, guitars are everywhere and there are even some Prog villages here and there, yet this garden is all about the atmosphere and the entire bouquet succeeds in convincing us that Ruud is totally on top of it, he’s even played the mandolin on this one! Different melancholic melodies, tons of keyboards, a Hammond is used as well, lots of FX and Wudstik’s voice, a deeply warm and friendly voice; Wudstik is also into other waves of music, “lighter” than this one, his voice color reminded of Seal for a moment. I think you’re gonna love “I lost myself today”, it’s such a sweet tune featuring such a sweet solo, and, along with that, the whole album… Speaking of which, some amazing singers participate as well, Sharon Den Adel, Daniel Gildenlow and Damian Wilson amongst them… singing ALTOGETHER on the same song!