Foray Between Ocean – Depression Nerverending


Foray Between Ocean is a new Greek metal band and this is their debut album. Founded in 2014 when Themis “Fad” Ioannou (guitars, ex-Trendy Hooliguns) met John Toussas (vocals, Narcosis) and decided to play something different from what they did at this time. It wasn’t long before the other members joined FBO. Dion Christodoulatos (guitars/keyboards, Sorrowful Angels, Chaostar), Elias Boozeas (bass, ex-Sorrowful Angels) and Kostas Milonas (drums, Outloud, Paradox, Sunburst) came in to fill the empty spaces.

The first goal was achieved; their music is indeed something completely different of anything that their members have played in the past. Without much fantasy you could characterize it as progressive metalcore. It has of course many beatdowns, John changes his vocals between brutal and clean while Dion and Kostas create a lot of symphonic death metal elements. After listening to it many times, “Depression Never Ending” gives me the feeling that it is complicated. There are times that you’ll want to raise the volume so much until the whole block hears you, but in general I have the impression that it’s incomplete. Maybe the elements that they are trying to present in their music don’t match up. I will wait with curiosity their next record, they are giving me the impression that this is a band who will try to advance and progress their music from album to album. I have the feeling that we will see great stuff from them in the future.

Last but not least, I must say that they have done an excellent job in the terms of production, artwork, lyrics, design of their website and their members effort to promote their music. They act like true professionals.