Fortress Under Siege feat. Hannibal – Phoenix Rising


The band started out in 1992; I’m simply stating this to underline that the boys have shed tons of sweat and blood and tears in order to maintain, to keep the band alive, to create and release albums, to play live. These boys are the same with the ones twenty-something years back, who decided to live the dream. The same boys that kept on going whilst others were calling it quits. The “Phoenix Rising” creating story began almost two years ago… Their singer back then left and the solution was prompt as well as immense. Alex Balakakis, the legendary Spitfire former singer, the one and only Hannibal, is the man behind the FUS mic, plus he’s participating composing-wise. The outcome of this cooperation is this album, kicking off with the title track.

Acoustic guitars, beautiful passages, crystal landscapes… Then electric guitars burst out, a kewl theme is playing and it’s a regular parade for Alex’s vocals. Epic, impressive, full, wild. The entire band is a killing vehicle. The technique, the talent, the inspiration… A teRIFFic combination…

“Universal Conspiracy” bolsters a mighty introduction; George Georgiou (keyboards – InnerWish, Rock’n’Roll Children) has done amazing things throughout the album. Same applies for the rest of the bunch, these fantastic musicians are giving us an inspiring bouquet. Off to “Eagles Fly Forever” and another thunderous intro is present before us, followed by a mid tempo theme, so baroque yet so groovy. As for the rest of the song… Alex is there! Just listen to the chorus, it’s purely magical! The boys are labeled as melodic Prog-Power, however, due to the fact that talk is cheap in this area, I’m writing down METAL, I’m writing down MUSIC and that wraps it all up. Yes, difficult parts are all over the place and yes, melodies are embracing in maze ways; yet the songs also feature “easy” moments, with tons of melody splashing out.

“Whisper In The Dark” is a sweet balladream. Acoustic paths, phantasmagoric keys and the ideal voice.

Fortress Under Siege are not just a band from Greece. They are an international extravaganza and people should listen to their work. It will be an asset for everyone. It’s a unique opportunity for all of us to learn and appreciate… It’s a totally melodic profit! Best of success to the boys!