STATUS QUO frontman Francis Rossi has commented on the death of his bandmate, Rick Parfitt, describing him as “the archetypal rock star.”
Parfitt died in Spain on Saturday at age 68. The guitarist suffered from a severe infection after experiencing complications with a pre-existing shoulder injury.
Rossi said in a statement: “I was not ready for this. Rick Parfitt had been a part of my story for fifty years. Without doubt the longest relationship of my life, this was also the most satisfying, frustrating, creative and fluid. From those early days, we worked together to create the QUO sound, look and hits. We spent years on the road, on the stage and in the studio, rarely far from each other, honing what we did. We were a team, a double act, a partnership and yet also two very different people, handling the pressures of growing older, constant touring, dealing with success and keeping the creative flame burning in different ways. He developed his own sound, his own style, casually inspiring a generation of players“.