A fan from Crete made a video with his trip from his house to the recent Iron Maiden show in Athens Olympic Stadium on July 16th

You can watch the preparation, the ride to the airport, the take-off, the arrival in Athens, the necessary pre-show beers with friends the day before the show and walking into the Stadium from the eyes of a fan.

Since, our friend was in “Standing A” section he managed to capture great footage with several characteristic moments of the show.

After long hours sitting on an old laptop 10 years old (without the ideal specs for such a project) for the last 2 weeks I managed to create what I –almost- had in mind before the Iron Maiden show.

So, here it is, dedicated to all my metalhead friends!

Of course, love and respect to the best metal band in the planet, Iron Maiden (Bruce you are what we say “a dude and an @sshole”. No, I wasn’t bothered by the swearing but the attitude, but thankfully that wasn’t enough to put me off)!

When they come back in 3-4 years (if we are lucky enough, they are old over 60, McBrain is 70 – and that’s why in the beginning of my video you can hear Dickinson saying “we’re gonna f*** die one day, hahaha – you wait”), don’t think about it twice – go see them.

Their show is an unbelievanle experience and being there was one of my teenage dreams.

Finally, I’d like to mention the fiasco of “Standing B”. I haven’t been to such a huge live show in ages, but this was the first time I ever saw such a segregation. Honestly, when I got into Standing A and saw the crowd piled in the front behind the fence of Standing B 500 meters away from the stage, 2 hours before Maiden where on stage, I felt terrible. Also, for the fact that the two bands before Maiden wasn’t shown on screen for the audience that wasn’t close enough.

You can call me “naïve”, but I always felt that metal unites people like few other “things” in this life. Accepting bars between us in advance is not something positive the way I see it.

That’s all from me! Up The Irons!! Always!!!