This is probably the first release by the label of Avenue of Allies that I wasn’t overall satisfied with…you see, we have been spoiled by the excellent albums by the German label. The Belgians Frozen Rain offer their second studio record –with a four year delay from their self-titled debut- and although they inject a heavy shot of melodic rock to our ever insatiable systems, I can’t really find something in there that will make me recommend “Ahead of Time” to all of you out there. It’s not that the compositions are detrimental or the fact that the band puts on a rather typical performance, but the greatest mishap is the flat structure of the album that is not at any time uplifts from a general mediocre level despite Frozen rain’s remarkable efforts.

The truth is that there are far better albums than this one and unavoidably we must choose something more qualitative. Too bad, because I loved the cover artwork but as they say: “You Mustn’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”!
Highlight: The first single and video is for the song “Believe it or Not”, which you can enjoy below.