Fullforce – Next Level

When a band combines Metal roughness with totally catchy melodies and radio-hits, well… then this band rules my world! “Broken Dreams” just kicked off and it’s a band with beautiful compositions and “easy” choruses. Mike Andersson (Cloudscape) owns a fantastic voice color and those backing vox are simply awesome! At this point I better introduce the rest of the members and may I warn you that it’s a dream team and nothing less. Tommy Larsson (ex-Heed) on bass, Stefan Rosqvist and Stefan Elmgren (Hammefall) are the axe-masters and, regarding the drums, we are listening to one of the most sonic drummer in Rock music, a true virtuoso, a musician having played with Malmsteen and Hammerfall, Mr. Anders Johansson. We’re off!

“A Night To Remember” and you are in for a huge surprise! Those melodic parts are meant for us to listen to! I’m sure that the mighty Dennis Ward would ask us about most of the songs, “Err, are these songs mine or what”? It’s a fact, when the Swedish are playing, everybody else is only listening. End of story! Grand Illusion did it, Grand Design did it and these guys are doing it, too!

One of the best songs I have listened to, one of the best tunes, is located in this album; “Whispers”. This is one fabulous Power-ish beauty, galloping is exceeded by melody only. The supersong is being followed by a sweet ballad (Smile At The World), filled with voices and acoustic chords. Nothing special when it comes to its structure, yet it’s a song you’ll love. For those of you into symphonic AOR themes, listen to “Visions” and admire its domisis and orchestration. And for those of you loving pomp tunes, “Course Of Life”, with its nasty guitar riff and the massive rhythm section, will guarantee your safety – NOT!  
An album filled with amazing songs will automatically be loved by all those into melodic Rock/Metal. Look forward to listening to their third album already.