Gamma Ray – Lust For Live (25th Anniversary Edition)


In the last few months, earMusic has started a campaign of reissuing Gamma Ray’s backing catalogue in the wake of the band’s 25th anniversary. It was 1990 when Kai Hansen decided to say goodbye to Helloween and start his own journey with Gamma Ray. And if the first bunch of the reissues stirred little interest amongst the metal fans –as the first editions or the latter reissues were relatively easy to find- its is more than certain that “Lust For Live” is more than anticipated as this is the very first time that this live show is available on CD format (it was only available thus far only in VHS and DVD format).

Rightfully or not, Gamma Ray is thought to be nowadays in a compositional stagnation. Back then it was a sonic juggernaut that blew away everything and everyone on its way! Don’t forget that this was the time when the band had released its first studio albums and this was the tour for the promotion of “Insanity and Genius”. The show took place at the band’s…home turf in Hamburg and proved to be one of the last concerts with Ralf Scheepers behind the mic. Playing at a breakneck speed and having an arsenal of bombastic power metal cuts; Kai Hansen leads a band hungry for success and the fans get what they deserve!

The medley of the Helloween classics “I Want Out/Future World/Ride The Sky” is the ace on Gamma Ray’s deck thus making the purchase of “Lust For Live” an absolute necessity for every self respected power metal fan! The mid-90s found Gamma Ray at the top of their game and “Lust For Live” is the band’s testament of the first years. The best was yet to come…

Highlight: The CD includes as bonus tracks “Heading For Tomorrow/Dream Healer” and “Gamma Ray”.