My first taste of Ganzi Gun’s music was just before the recent Ten concert in Greece when these guys opened for the British band. I vividly remember how much impressed I was of Ganzi Gun’s sheer professionalism, their coolness on stage and the overall quality of the show. In addition all of their songs were well-rehearsed and catchy thus the next best thing for me was to go out and get their debut album which was appropriately entitled “Welcome To The Show”.

Judging by the album’s title and the opening track (called “Psycho Circus”), Ganzi Gun seems to be quite fond of KISS’ album of the same name that was released back in 1998…on the other hand, this might be totally coincidental…who knows? With a style that brings in mind the mid-90s period of Metallica and Pantera (especially due to the wild, sharp yet melodic riffing) but also brings forth the commercial side of Nickelback, Ganzi Gun offers a bunch of songs that would be envied by many modern rock bands from the other side of the Atlantic.

Also, it is really a pleasant surprise to be treated with such a crystal clear production that should be copied by other Greek bands and it proves that with a big effort (and money, of course) anything is possible.

Personally, I would recommend not only getting to know Ganzi Gun’s music by purchasing their album but most importantly experience their live show…trust me, the guys can surely rock!

Highlight: Ganzi Gun released a few weeks ago their second video from the album. It’s for the song “Fading Lights”.