Garage Days – Dark And Cold

Surely, the words “Garage Days” bring to mind one band only: Metallica… but, it’s not just the name. The specific band sounds totally influenced by the American superstars. Actually, when you are listening to the album you might think that this is a tribute band…

Their songs might not be the instant hits that would lead you to the record shop, they won’t urge you to call all your friends and tell them about the band, and I don’t think you will be posting them on your facebook profile either. Despite that the playing is very good, the energy and passion are there, while Andy La Roque’s work is the guarantee for a good overall production.

Apart from the Metallica references, the Austrians add some death and power metal touches completing the picture of a debut that may lack in originality, but it surely has the spark that promises something better next time… We’ll be waiting!