We were excited with Gentihaa when they played with Dimmu Borgir in September but this time it was their own night, a release show for their debut album “Reverse Entropy”.


“Goin’ down the bar…”

Doors opened at 20:00 but we had to wait until 21:00 to see the first band on stage (with kind of boring music on the decks). Warship were the opening act with a short -about 25 minute long- set. A classic heavy metal band (close enough to the early 80s style), ideal for beers with some simple (yet catchy) songs. Unfortunately, the club was empty at that time and those inside didn’t seem much into their style although captain Foris (guitar/vocals) tried his best introducing each song (most of them from their album “The Second Wave”). The ending was proper though, as “Goin’ down the bar” sent us back to the bar…

Setlist:take your gun / feel the pain / for the money / hot babe / fly like an eagle / the world’s end / goin’ down the bar (Blood for Blood cover)


“Exile thyself, go forth, seek death…”

Στις 22.15 βγήκαν οι Dimlight. Με είχαν κερδίσει λίγους μήνες πριν και έτσι αυτή τη φορά ήξερα τι να περιμένω. Σφιχτοδεμένη μπάντα (η πρόσφατη περιοδεία στη Ρωσία φαίνεται πως βοήθησε), έπαιξαν για 45’ ένα σετ με ωραίες ατμόσφαιρες αφού παίζουν ένα περίεργο κράμα συμφωνικού death με πολλά dark/gothic στοιχεία (βοηθάει και η εναλλαγή των φωνητικών μεταξύ των brutal του Invoker και των καθαρών της Mora) σε ένα σετ που είχε αρκετά γνωστά τους κομμάτια αλλά και ακυκλοφόρητα από την επερχόμενη δουλειά τους ενώ για το τέλος κράτησαν μια διασκευή έκπληξη παίζοντας το Electric Funeral (με συμμετοχή στην κιθάρα του John Mcris).

Setlist: The red king / Invoking the hunter / Beryl eyes / Shattered idols / Torrents of blood / Beyond the gates of horror / Lapis animae / We the bones / Electric funeral (Black Sabbath cover)

 “And so we all followed the black…”

But the night belonged to Gentihaa that came out with “serum” (the opening track of the album) but then, although they played it on its entirety they preferred to shuffle the cards, making it more interesting for us listening the songs in different order. Apart from that they added two new songs (good to know they are already busy writing new stuff) before they close their set with (the lead single) “alpha” and “beyond”. The band’s performance was great, with good show (outfit etc) that added to their show without being distracted from what it really matters (the music of course). They seemed to enjoy it (same goes for the fans) and I liked the fact they didn’t seem too tensed this time. Last but not least it was a nice surprise to see Mora on stage again, this time to sing “command” along with Andre Boutos.

Setlist: serum / metamorphosis / vision / empathy / mastery / command / singularity / urnammu / into the unknown / alpha / beyond


Live report/photographs: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos