Gentihaa is a new Greek metal band, formed in 2015 by guitarist Valgran (ex-Collizion Zero) that I’ve heard about one month ago (they were the opening act for Dimmu Borgir in Athens). Their music style is dark metal (as they tend to call it) that focuses  on melodic death/black metal (the later is assisted by nicknames and suitable outfits that matches the fantasy concept of the album)

All the band’s members come from different background which adds to the variety of their influences and affects their music in a good way. George – Valgran- Giannopoulos is the mastermind and responsible for the rhytm guitars while Rös Dracùl(ex-Keepers of Jericho) has some great lead riffs to add. Merenhor (also on Diablery) plays some rich drumming and Béheaal (from Memorain) follows on bass. Last but not least, Andre Boutos(Sonata Antartika, ex-Memorain) on vocals (that vary between clean and brutal in a theatrical way).

Andre is also responisible for the lyrics of the album which by the way is a concept one, an interesting story about eight individuals who come into some pills that give them the magic power to see the catastrophe of the earth in the future. (“How can I utilize my yellow gift / Seems that there’s no point in all and everything”) so we follow their attempt to change the course of the history. Back to the music, they kept the duration of each track short so the album lasts 42 minutes (one intro and eight songs) which is ideal and each track differs from the others, there are lot of different rhythms and melodies, friends of latest Dimmu Borgir albums will love them although there are some nice traditional elements here and there (still without loosing contact with the modern approach but hey those thrashy parts always make me happy).

Bob Katsionis is behind the production (also on keyboards and director of their video) while Fotis Benardo did the mastering/mixing. The album was released by Symmetric Records. The band will make a release live show on November 8 at Temple Athens.