Dokken’s ex guitarist and in my humble opinion one of the Top 3 guitarists that have emerged from USA in the 80s celebrates 30 years in the musical forefront with the release of a quite interesting EP promptly entitled “Legacy”. The four songs that are included are representative of George Lynch’s unparalleled talent and virtuosity with the six-string instrument. We must point down, though, that this instrumental pack of songs is forwarded towards a selected and limited audience (that being mainly the hard core fans of Lynch). But, I guess that those had in mind when Lynch decided to release that c.d.

All four tracks display a remarkable sonic variety and they are not tiresome at all (quite a fir for an instrumental record) as the emphasis is being given to the melody and not the “show-off” aspect. Of special notice is the composition “Invoid” that takes us back to the glory “Under Lock and Key” days and to the “travelling” “Blood Drive” with its Satriani-sque technique.

If you don’t buy the album, you’d better check it out on the web…as for the Lynch fans…well, there is not much of a choice, isn’t it?

Highlight: When is the Tooth and Nail project coming up…?