Get a taste of Lionheart’s new album


Lionheart will release their new album, “The Reality Of Miracles”, from Metalville Records on July 31st.

The band consists of the founding members Dennis Stratton (guitar), Steve Mann (keyboards), Rocky Newton (bass) with the addition of Clive Edwards and Lee Small on drums and vocals respectively.

Although the band started by the end of 1980 and for the next 4 years it swept the UK concert venues their debut album, “Hot Tonight”, which was recorded in LA wasn’t released until 1984. However, just a year later, they disbanded and Stratton, Mann, and Newton took followed their separate ways.

In 2016, on the occasion of the Nottingham Rockingham Festival, the band reunited, released the album “Second Nature” (check out our review) a year later and became active again.

Below, you can get an idea for the new album with excerpts from all the songs…

“Thine Is The Kingdom”
“High Plains Drifter”
“The Reality Of Miracles”
“Five Tribes”
“Behind The Wall”
“All I Want Is You”
“Kingdom Of The East”
“Outlaws Of The Western World”
“The First Man”
“Still It Rains On Planet Earth” (Lacrimosa)