The last years we experience the trend with the “revival bands”. Between these bands we find those who play classic heavy metal and those who play occult rock. And above all them, there is Ghost. They are one of a kind and so much different from many of them. And there is one very good reason about this (except the masks and all the mystery around them) and that is the music. The reason that makes a band last in time.

Ghost try to make something that most of these idiotic band don’t. And that is how to make good music. They have this “annoying” ability to compose excellent songs that stick in your brain and never go away. Professionals in every way. Obviously they didn’t discover fire, no one would except something like that. Also, their image is something that I personally find irrelevant. The clue is the product that they give as a band. And here we have again all these that makes them distinguish from the others. The riffs, the melodies, the atmosphere, the thin line between heavy metal and hard rock and of course the voice of Papa Emeritus III that gives the final touch.

Songs like “From The Pinnacle To The Pit”, “Cirice” (with the fantastic melody and the amazing video) or “Mummy Dust” are examples of their quality. You don’t have to hear these songs more than twice to memorize the melodies and sing alongside with Papa. No song of course is even mediocre, their songs are composed with a way that you think they achieve perfection. Of course, they are not the best band in the planet nor they are the saviors of this music. But I wish that more bands had their cast of mind. I know that this album will keep me company for a long time, just as their previous ones did.