Ghost – Popestar


Just over a year after their best work so far, ‘Meliora’, Ghost return with ‘Popestar’. It’s an EP with 4 covers and a new song. The covers, as with ‘If You Have Ghost’, are funny as hell, some being more successful than others. In ‘Nocturnal Me’ by the great Echo & The Bunnymen I was looking for a more powerful delivery from the… Pope, and their approach to ‘Missionary Man’ by the Eurythmics didn’t do much for me either. On the other hand, ‘I Believe’ is highly enjoyable and ‘Bible’ proves to be a great choice; its title, lyrics and gospel chorus fit Ghost like a glove.

The highlight though is none other than original song ‘Square Hammer’. Catchier than the best AOR hit of the 80s, it brings forth the fact that Ghost can take on many different roles and answers the question about whether there are new memorable songs coming out. If I worked on mainstream radio, this would play on repeat the whole bloody day.