One of the Nameless Ghouls from Swedish occult rockers GHOST was interviewed by the 93.3 WMMR radio station prior to the band’s September 18 performance at the Rock Allegiance festival in Chester, Pennsylvania. Here’s what he had to say about the band’s plans for 2017:
After this, we’re done in November, we’re gonna go back home and start pre-producing the new record. And January-February, we’re gonna tour Europe. So the same show that we’re doing here [in the U.S.], we’re gonna do there, the new one. And I think we’re done after that, touring. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll have the time to go to some of these places that we haven’t done so far on this touring cycle, like Australia, Japan and another run to South America. I don’t know… Since we wanted to go down there, we’ve said that March-April would be the time for us, but we cannot do it too extensively, because we really need to go to record the album. So springtime is probably [the time] to record a new album, and [for the] new album to come out next fall, and then [after that we will] restart [the whole touring cycle].”