In a recent interview on Australian television Ghost’s frontman, Tobias Forge, talked about his influences. Alice Cooper and Accept were highlighted among many others.

On the topic of Alice Cooper, Forge said: “What is shock rock without Alice Cooper? I lack the proper words to fully explain how extremely vital he has been for the whole genre of rock and roll, really, but also speaking from a context where, I guess, we are also a theatrical shock-rock band, we wouldn’t have been here had it not been for Alice Cooper.”

Speaking about Accept, he said: “Accept is one band that I think has been slightly overlooked over the years, not necessarily in the more hardcore, heavy metal circles, but definitely in the overall memory of music history. Where Scorpions have been more known for their big ballads, their little brothers, Accept, is one of my favorite bands from that time, who definitely get way too little credit for their fantastic songwriting and their complete, just ballsy nature.”