Gilby Clarke – The Gospel Truth


For better or for worse, Gilby Clarke’s name will always be linked to Guns N’ Roses as his relatively short-lived stint with the legendary band was sufficient enough for Gilby to leave his permanent stamp with his remarkable playing and overall stage presence. But the truth is that Gilby is more than a former Guns guitarist. In fact his solo career is an illustrious and versatile one thus proving that Gilby is not only a great guitar player but a talented songwriter, too.

A few months ago I listened to the forerunner of the new album and I was absolutely blown away by it. The song was called “Rock N’ Roll is Getting Louder” and from my perspective it was the epitome of pure rock n’ roll that pays tribute to the past but at the same time looks straight into the future. Naturally, I was eagerly waiting for the whole album and “The Gospel Truth” did not only meet our expectations…hell, it easily surpassed them!

Gilby does not reinvent the wheel and he does not have the slightest intention in getting into a brand new territory. Far from it, really. He knows what he wants and he is absolutely happy in playing his favorite style of music. In the case of “The Gospel Truth”, it is blues-based rock n’ roll with clear Stones and Aerosmith influences while I couldn’t help but noticing a touch of Hanoi Rocks and Ace Frehley in the overall aesthetic of the album. But the most important aspect of the new album is its authentic attitude. This is the secret ingredient that all the new bands seek out and rarely find out. You see, in rock n’ roll you don’t have to be technically brilliant or a master of the latest technological tools. Rock n’ Roll feeds on the mistakes, on the attitude, on originality. Gilby Clarke proudly carries the flag of rock n’ roll showing all the new bands out there how the big guys do it!

“The Gospel Truth” is an essential purchase for all the rock n’ rollers out there.

Highlight: Nikki Sixx and Stephen Perkins dropped by the studio and guest on the album thus giving that extra L.A. touch on it.