Gin Lane – Unpleasant Promises


There are some artists that have no peace when it comes to creativity and thus they try to bring to light new stuff nonstop. That is the case of Father W. (aka Wrath), a restless spirit of the Greek underground that tries to express himself through many different bands and solo projects and every time he manages to offer interesting pieces of art that help us keep on walking through the grey life because, as some people tend to say, without music we would be dead inside. And although there is a decadence feeling in the mainstream field it is always the underground scene that keeps producing excellent new music that makes the listener feeling lucky that  came across them.

Those who know Wrath from the blacksters Dodsferd they are going to be surprised because this time he presents a different shade of his music persona as this 13 minute long EP consists of two tracks that seem to belong in the general dark rock arena although the shining beacon is still the desperation from humanity and the general bad turns of the world around us. The first thing that attracts the listener’s attention are the clean vocals (forget the harsh black metal screams in this project) that follow some melodies that drags you all the way in and it was no surprise I kept pressing repeat on the cd player again and again. The first track is “Empty Life”, a track we already know from some digital platforms, definitely a pure straight forward rock track that brings a Seattle breeze in the room, you know, that familiar sound from the alternative/indie scene that flourished back in the 1990s. The second track is “Disposable Fright”, a new 8 minute long composition in a different music style and according to the composer this one is a forerunner of what will become a full length album later in the year. It is an impressive composition that drags you inside the songs and somehow it manages to transmit the feeling of agony and desperation but it does it in a unique way that doesn’t put you away although I must admit the fact that when you read the lyrics it is impossible not to be affected.

The Ep comes in a beautiful 4-panel digipak cd (limited to 100 copies) from Fuck Your Creation Records and as these tracks wont be on the LP worth to have it. In any case, it whets our appetite for the album making us wonder what this artist will bring in the future although he named the EP unpleasant promises…