Girlschool – Guilty As Sin


A few months ago, Kim McAuliffe was telling us in the interview you have already read about their plan to record a new album after many years, seven to be precise, under the technical guidance of Chris Tsangarides. The plan is completed and as it seems everything went just fine.

The eternal teenagers, as I like to call Girlschool, are here again. They are full of energy and good rock as they are used to.

‘Guilty As Sin” is nothing more than pure rock and roll with songs written to sweat on stage and to excite their more mature audience. The party starts and finishes with very strong moments, “Come The Revolution” ,”Take It Like A Band”, “Guilty As Sin” and “Coming Your Way” ( which by the way isn’t included in the red vinyl edition) and it closes with a faithful but more contemporary cover of “Tonight”, B-side of the single “C’ mon Let’s Go” from “Hit And Run”. With this album Girlschool seem to show respect not only to themselves and their audience but also to the rock and roll idea which they have been serving for twenty-seven years now with thirteen really good albums.

It is essential that bands like Girlschool are still here and offer this unique feeling even today. A feeling that a whole generation grew up with and they are the only ones who can do it. “Guilty As Sin” is that exact case.