Rob Halford gave an interview to “Do You Know Jack?” and revealed that Glenn Tipton writes the new riffs for Judas Priest’s new album. When he was asked if there is going to be a new album the Metal God replied: “Absolutely. In fact, Glenn’s back in the U.K. now making riffs and going through… We have massive archives of riffs. It never stops. That’s the joy of Priest in terms of creativity — we never seem to slow down. And when you get a successful record like ‘Firepower’, that motivates you even further. Any band will tell you that. You feed off the energy of what your fans are giving you. You wanna see your fans again and you wanna bring your fans something different next time. So that means making another metal song, which, amplify that by 10 ideas, and you’ve got another album. So that’s the plan. There will be another album from Priest in the very near future.”