Thankfully, such a noteworthy band found its way and goes on after a small crisis and some changes, which I guess were necessary.

When you first hit “Play”and you listen to the first song of the album, “Chronicled Deceit”, you get the feeling that Bat Kinanes’s band steers clear from its Thin Lizzy-like sound, but later on this “misstep” proves to be short!

The new element in Glyder in this album is some American influences that bring to mind band like the Steve Miller Band. Just listen to “Something She Knows”. Also, what stands out in the band is new singer’s Jackie Robinson voice. Jackie has a characteristic ‘70s rock voice that gives its distinctive color to the Irish’s traditional vocal duos.

“Backroads To Byzantium” is a very ggod album, with great songs, playing, from a band that puts it soul into it, and actually this way they manage to clear the dark clouds that spread their cast on them, and they begin a new course. We wish them that their new direction is powerful and creates the same amounts of excitement, as well as their first works.