Go Ask Alice – Finally

Took a look at the artwork… “Dude… Hardcore”? Checked the backcover, the song titles… “Yep, definitely Hardcore”! Opened the cover, got the CD to play, listened to it… Yeah, YEAH, in your face, IN YOUR FACE, no more face cuz it’s splashed over the wall! Vocals, killer music and double bass drumming made sure of it… Greek Hardcore scene is proudly represented by certain amazing bands, like LifeCode for instance; Go Ask Alice is another exceptional band cruising the Hardcore area, providing lots of Metal themes and tons of growling!

Featuring exophrenic titles, i.e. “Just because Spiderman is Peter Parker, we know who you are Roumi 123!”, “If only… we could find a better name”, “And then, bam! Herpes”, yet lyrics that aim straight to our hearts and minds, e.g. “I’m sick of you pulling me down”, the bands sounds in rage, filled with confidence and aggressiveness and totally pro. Bands abroad are NOT better than this one. To be honest with you, nobody will ever think they’re Greek until they read about them. When they are not using the screamvox, like on “I am number XIII…” they sound so magical, you gotta listen to this one, no matter what! Crystalline instrumental “Atetha sagnjata” is also a special aspect of this multi-layered album!

We welcome the quartet in the Metal-Hardcore-Punk lands! This is how the album turned out to be, according to the band itself. It’s actually a huge attempt coming to its fulfilment, the boys had prepared twenty songs and twelve out of them twenty made it to the album. The very definition of professional work. Best of luck to the gentz! Oh, when the last song is over, don’t push the “stop” button, let it run… You shall be rewarded…