Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

First of all this needs to be said: Gojira is the greatest heavy metal band in the world right now. Musically they compose steadily great records and they have managed to create quite a big fan base and I assume that with the new record deal with Roadrunner Records the fan base will get even greater. Their albums and their live performances are so great that their fans use the euphemism “Gojiramazing” to describe something that they find exceptionally amazing.  

“L’enfant Sauvage” is the fifth album by the French Thrash/Progressive metallers and comes four years after the great “The Way of the Flesh” and their line-up is once again the same. Maybe this is another reason why this band is so great and cohesive. They began in 1996 and from day one they are the same four guys creating music they love.
While this record deal opens new grounds for them they don’t make any compromises. They composed great riffs, heavy grooves, the trademark pick slides and fantastic melodic lines. Mario Duplantier is a monster behind the drum kit and proves that he is one of the best modern day drummers.
The album starts with the heavy track “Explosia”, brutal guitar riffs that are intercepted from pick slides and frenzy drums.  As the song progresses it goes from the heavy groove, to polyrhythms and then slows down to a nice almost hypnotic melody. The vocals of the older of the Duplantiers are full of anger, power and melody all together.
And that is what is so great about this band. They manage to combine pure anger and intensity with nice melodic lines. The title track is out several weeks prior to the release of the album and it is already leaving a good impression to the ears of the listeners. Another great thing is the sequence of the songs.  The album lets you even relax at some point with the instrumental “The Wild Fire”. It’s the calm before the storm because the next three songs that follow reach the peak of the album.
“Planned Obsolescence”, “Mouth of Kala” and the “Gift of Guilt” give continuous beat-downs to the listener. These three pieces accentuate the energy and the melodic lines the French can create not only with the guitars, but with the harsh vocals and the drums as well.
“L’enfant Sauvage” is not just another record in 2012. The four guys from France create effortlessly an album that deserves to be played again and again. Groovy riffs, lots of energy, innovative and unique heavy metal music.
P.S. It is about time we see them headline a show in Greece…