Gotthard – Homegrown – Alive in Lugano

The unfair death of Steve Lee had shocked the global music community as a huge talent was lost but most of all due to the fact he was a gentle and kind man. If we take aside this unfortunate event, the Swiss outfit should definitely not complain about how things have turned out for them in the last 20 or so years. Gotthard had achieved something really extraordinary and definitely commendable: they had succeeded in breaking the barriers of their homeland and establish a career outside of Switzerland. As a matter of fact, they are considered superstars in their country…I remember the late Steve Lee telling me that he almost couldn’t enjoy a dinner in Switzerland without been interrupted for autographs and photos.
We must underline that Gotthard doesn’t cheaply exploit the memory of Lee as this live album was already scheduled for a “sandwich” release –that is, in between their two studio albums- before his death. You will find all the details in the exclusive interview that the band gave to Rockpages a few weeks ago.

One should not over criticize or over analyze “Alive in Lugano”. It’s a rather typical live album that is forwarded mainly to the hardcore fan base of the band and all those who want to listen for one last time Steve’s voice. The sound is pretty remarkable and many congratulations should go to Gotthard as they didn’t made many studio arrangements and corrections.

Highlight: Celtic Frost, Krokus, Gotthard…when it comes down to music, these are the three biggest exported names of Switzerland.