There is no need for any special reference or introduction when we are talking about Graham Bonnet. This is the guy who shaped –in his own unique way- rock history by contributing to such rock gems written by bands like Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz, Impelliteri, Blackthorne and many others. So, you can easily gather that the news of having a previously unreleased album (which is actually goes back to 1975) available is definitely a huge and pleasant surprise for all of us who appreciates Bonnet’s undeniable talents.

All in all, the album is characterized by an obvious diversity and musical variety that doesn’t help contributing to a tight final result. It is a bunch of pop-rock compositions that display both a 50s rock n’ roll aesthetic vision and an early 70s glam atmosphere that really don’t do justice to Graham’s voice. Having said that, the songs themselves are not bad at all; quite the contrary, actually! For instance, “Here Comes The Rain” could have easily monopolized the interest of all the American radio stations in the mid-50s with its bumblegum pop style while “What’s This ‘ere Then” could have easily fit in one of Queens’ early albums. The absolute highlight is “Let Me Off This Time” is reminiscent of Mott The Hoople and Joe Elliott would…kill to have it in the next Down N’ Outz record.  

The ever familiar, raspy voice of Bonnet is here (but not to its full glory) and the listener enjoys the excellent voice of a young singer who still had a lot to offer…four years later down the road when The Man In Black discovered Bonnet and we all went…Over The Rainbow.

Highlight: This is a release aimed to the die-hard Graham Bonnet fan who supervised this excellent album with the help of Giles Lavery (Dragonsclaw, ex-Warlord).