Grand Magus – Wolf God


Grand Magus are Epic Metal’s top representatives at the moment. There I said it. Condemn me to burn but with the latest releases of Manowar, one could say they have an easy task!

“Wolf God” is a powerful comeback for the Swedes, with superior material from “Sword songs” and songs capable of being in their top list. The self titled “Wolf God” is a clear reference to the awesome “Iron Will,” “A Hall Clad in Gold” is creepily epic  and “Brother of the Storm” totally Manowarish. The album does not fail to deliver at any moment, even the simplest songs based on 80’s hard rock forms like “He sent them all to hell” and “Untamed” can not be written by anyone. My favorite is the fast – Priestlike “Spear Thrower”. The album is based on the strong production,  JB’s steady / baritone voice and  Ludwig’s drums that is a steady member of  the band since 2012  An epic battle feeling will overwhelm you, the sharp riffs are there and Fox’s bass is of high value as always.

The album will surely be in my 2019’s best of list and hopefully they will include our country in their next tour.

Up the Hammers!