Grandmaster Cockroach – Music For Lousy Speakers


It’s always a nice thing to discover new things in music, especially when they are not revolving around what you usually listen to. In a way like this, I received the first release of Grandmaster Cockroach from Athens, a duet starting their journey in 2017. They are Loukas Giannakitsas in bass/vocals and Panagiotis Siamantis in drums. Yes, something out of the ordinary, but also quite interesting.

The lack of guitars isn’t something that should worry you, because Loukas’ job is more than enough to create an electric and complete sound. Their many different influences come from the wide spectrum of heavy music and the result is an alternative rock album. It may sound like a cliché, but every song has something different to give and they manage to create something that doesn’t sound the same from the start till the end. Having only two instruments doesn’t restrict them, but gives them plenty of space to develop their ideas.

From the nine compositions of “Music For Lousy Speakers”, the ones that gave me the biggest impression are the small and catchy “Ecstasy”, the beautiful and slow “HNGD”, the proggy “Lucifer’s Blues” and “Oh! Whimsy”. For the last one they made a remix to put as a final track and I have to say that I liked it more than the original.

Also, it’s interesting that they chose their name after the most detestable insect in the planet and for the album title something to satirize (I think) those who listen music only from a pair of cheap computer speakers. A release that shows a band who wants to experiment in order to create their own sound. Give them a chance.