In a recent interview with Metal Shock Finland, Andi Deris said that former Helloween members, Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch betrayed the band. He was asked why the ex-guitarist and ex-drummer didn’t participate in the bands “Pumpkins United” world our and he replied:  “Well honestly, we never made a big secret out of it. They had to leave the band because they betrayed the band. And this is sad but that’s the truth and I would not like to stay on stage, to go on stage with some foul pundits, you know what I mean?  So these boys have proven to be not cool, and they really started intrigues and betrayed the band back in the day. Well, they had to leave because the trust was gone and why would I invite foul vegetable onto stage. So I am very sorry because it hurt a lot because Roland was, I suppose, he was a close friend of mine and I really thought he is. For me, it was a world breaking part when I realized that he betrayed the band. And he betrayed myself so why would I invite people that had to leave the band because they weren’t good pumpkins?