Grave digger is in the 5th decade of their career and what I can say for sure about this historical band is that they are not only present, but too mean to die as well. I have to confess that compared to the rest of the genre’s legends, the Germans were the ones I’ve heard the least, but here we’re talking about a really wonderful record that wins you from the first listen. Stormy, brilliant riffs and addictive solos, combined with the epic choruses and the great voice of Chris, create a perfect feast that surely leaves the listener’s interest undiminished. You can hardly say that for a band that has released 21 records! On “Symbol of Eternity”, Grave Digger manage to sound fresh and surely don’t plan to give up in the near future, showing what heavy metal should sound like in 2022!

Of course, we have to notice the amazing “Hellas Hellas” originally by Greek rock super star, Vassilis Papakonstantinou,  which the band plays in Greece for so many years, finally getting the studio treatment, with the best performance of the Greek lyrics by Chiris as well the contribution of Vassilis himself! Not only this is a great honor, but it makes us wonder if we will enjoy it live with both of them on stage. Well Done!